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Dr. Anil is phenomenal in aesthetic medicine

It’s so important to have Botox administered by a reputable injector and with one who can guarantee the quality of their product. That person is Dr. Anil. Dr.Anil first assessed my facial muscle movements prior to treatment, in order to accurately map injection points. He took his time, carefully choosing specific locations and depths on where he was going to treat, which further improved my results and treatment efficacy. Dr.Anil simply has an art to applying Botox injections! His superb understanding of facial musculature is crucial to me, especially for injections around my eyes. I just wouldn’t trust anyone else. I have a friend who visited a doctor at a Harley street clinic for botox, which unfortunately resulted in a droopy left eyelid. So, if you want lift, tone, youthful and natural – just go see Dr. Anil.



I have moderate acne scarring and visited Dr. Anil 2 months ago. Thorough guy, knowledgeable and patient and empathetic with me. He gave me a mini rundown of types of acne scarring and various treatments for them. He did a combination treatments which is the most poplar treatment in the clinic: dermapen( microneedling) with PRP(my blood was spun down and injected and then poured on my face after!), then TCA cross(he’s one of the few in UK who does TCA cross). Wasn’t too bad to tolerate the procedure but I was very red after….took me 3-4 days to recover and can see an improvement already. I would need another 3-4 treatments I reckon. Tried Fraxel in another clinic 2 years ago but hardly worked.Was initially going to fly out to Aus to see Dr.Lim but I’m very happy with the work from Dr. Anil


Great subtle, natural looking results from Dr. Anil

I’ve been to see Dr. Anil for a few years now, and he consistently gives me consistent results from Botox and dermal fillers. He only uses the best products and his techniques have left me feeling so confident and rejuvenated. I continue to get compliments from friends and others, and have recommended him.


In the care of good hands

After almost a year of looking all over Europe for the right dermatologist I went to Doctor Chu to see if he could do so anything about the open/ enlarged pores on my nose. I was suprised by his knowledge, his experience and his overall demeanor. I underwent a treatment that was quick and also inexpensive. The results so far have been outstanding. I will go as far as saying that there is no other place in the Uk to go to for skin treatments. Without question I give my upmost recommendation of Dr Chu.


Prof Chu is the go to man for acne!

I have had cystic acne as an adult for the last 5 years. Having seen multiple dermatologists privately I was really looking for someone to help me on a particularly acute phase. The team managed to get me squeezed in to see him on the same day and the really bad flare up went down within around a month. Following this, it has now been 6 months and I am now getting compliments on how great my skin is looking! Haven’t had a cyst on my face in around 3 months which has not only helped my appearance but I no longer get the discomfort that comes with this type of acne. This was all done whilst managing my sensitive skin with eczema. He sometimes runs late but is worth the wait. The whole team are super accommodating and they do late appointments. Overall excellent experience. Thanks for giving me back my confidence!

Zahra Fazal

I wish I'd had the treatment sooner!

I was incredibly nervous before my hair transplant as I didn’t know what to expect. This was my first experience at a dermatology centre but the staff were very friendly and made me feel relaxed during my visit. Before my hair transplant I felt older than I am, but after the treatment I feel like a new man. My insecurity has transformed into confidence and I wish I’d had the treatment sooner!


Already see amazing results!

Great clinic with professional and friendly staff. I’m very happy with the results from my laser hair removal treatment of my lower legs. I’m only halfway through my course but I can already see amazing results! I’m very impressed and highly recommend this clinic.


So pleased with the results

What a find! Great experience, Thank you I have recently had 2 skin rejuvenation treatments and am so pleased with the results, my skin is glowing The team are kind and explain the process in detail, I am looking forward to going back soon


Very impressed with results

Very professional and friendly staff. Just finished course of xero programme and am very impressed with results will need a new suit now !


Really know their stuff

Lovely team. Really know their stuff and can’t do enough to help. Would highly recommend!




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