Skin Tag Removal

Remove Skin Tags Quickly and Safely

Skin tags are common, harmless growths that appear on the skin. At West London Dermatology Centre in Chiswick, London our specialists can remove these quickly and safely.

What are skin tags?
Skin tags look similar to warts, usually appearing on the neck, armpits, eyelids and around the groin area. They are very common and vary in size and colour.


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What Causes Skin Tags?

Although there is no specific cause for skin tags, they are made up of loose collagen (a type of protein) and blood vessels and tend to appear in areas where the skin rubs together. It affects both men and women although pregnant women can be more likely to develop these due to hormonal changes.

How to Remove Skin Tags

The safest way to remove a skin tag is talking with a professional. As skin tags do not pose a medical threat it is rarely available on the NHS and home treatments run the risk of scarring or bleeding.

Treatments for skin tag removal will vary depending on the location, size and position of the tag so it’s best to visit for a consultation so our experts can assess the best possible treatment for your skin.

Treatments to Remove Skin Tags

There are many processes such as hyfrecation, scalpel removal and cryotherapy used to remove skin tags in safe clinical settings. Our doctors can recommend the best treatment for your skin tag removal.

How much does skin tag removal cost?

Prices start from as little as £125, exact pricing can be confirmed after a consultation.


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In the care of good hands

After almost a year of looking all over Europe for the right dermatologist I went to Doctor Chu to see if he could do so anything about the open/ enlarged pores on my nose. I was suprised by his knowledge, his experience and his overall demeanor. I underwent a treatment that was quick and also inexpensive. The results so far have been outstanding. I will go as far as saying that there is no other place in the Uk to go to for skin treatments. Without question I give my upmost recommendation of Dr Chu.


Prof Chu is the go to man for acne!

I have had cystic acne as an adult for the last 5 years. Having seen multiple dermatologists privately I was really looking for someone to help me on a particularly acute phase. The team managed to get me squeezed in to see him on the same day and the really bad flare up went down within around a month. Following this, it has now been 6 months and I am now getting compliments on how great my skin is looking! Haven’t had a cyst on my face in around 3 months which has not only helped my appearance but I no longer get the discomfort that comes with this type of acne. This was all done whilst managing my sensitive skin with eczema. He sometimes runs late but is worth the wait. The whole team are super accommodating and they do late appointments. Overall excellent experience. Thanks for giving me back my confidence!

Zahra Fazal


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