As we grow older we notice changes in out skin resulting from a number of factors such as diet, lifestyle, heredity and personal habits but none has as a big an impact as exposure to UV rays or sun damage. It is estimated that 80% of skin ageing is caused by exposure to the suns rays. UV rays can break down the skins ability to produce collagen and elastin the two main building blocks of healthy youthful skin. It can also cause pigmentary changes such as sun spots or age spots leaving an uneven dry complexion.

Prevention is the best for of defense and this is simple and low cost. Reducing the time of exposure to direct sunlight and the daily use of an SPRF30 sunscreen can dramatically reduce the damage caused by the sun on our skin and help retain its healthy youthful appearance. For many though we have spent years with direct exposure and now see the results with our skin age much older than our actual age. The Skinova SPF30 Replenishing sunscreen at West London Dermatology also contains high levels of antioxidants and peptide to restore and well as prevent.

Reversing sun damage

Science has developed many new technologies to address or reverse sun damage. In particular, laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) systems can stimulate the skin to increase production of collagen and also remove sun damage from the skin. At West London Dermatology the Regenlite laser is particularly popular as in just two session it can increase natural collagen production by 198% restoring the skins thickness and smoothing out lines and wrinkles. It is what is known as a non ablative or non burning laser so there is no damage or down time associated with the treatment and you return to normal activity immediately. Over the following 8-10 weeks you will see a gradual improvement in skin texture and reduction in lines and wrinkles.

The IPL system also delivers light energy into the skin but targets the pigmentation or dark spots near the surface of the skin. In just two sessions it can clear small broken veins that cause redness and also brown spots to leave the skin with an even tone and more youthful appearance.

Another component of health skin is Hyaluronic acid. This has been described as ‘The Fountain of Youth’. As we age the body’s ability to produce Hyaluronic acid diminishes greatly. 50% of the body’s Hyaluronic acid is in the skin and it has a remarkable ability to retain water in fact it acts like a sponge holding over 1000 times its own weight in water. Youthful skin maintains its plumpness and luminosity due to high water content so a reduction in the skins ability to retain water will lose this appearance. Many skincare creams contain Hyalyronic acid and are applied to the skin to attempt to replenish Hyaluron into the skin. The Epidermis or thin protective layer at the skin surface is designed to retain moisture in the skin but also acts as a barrier to keep substances out of the body. Most skincare creams cannot penetrate the epidermis and cannot therefore cannot deliver active ingredients as they promise. One option used by doctors is to inject Hyaluronic acid in to the skin to plump the area. These Dermal Fillers have become quite popular in recent years and can be very effective when applied correctly by a skilled practitioner but are not without occasional side effects.

A new home use technology has just been launched in the market which involves the use of patches containing microstructures like tiny needles which are made of hydrolysed Hyaluronic acid. The patch is applied to the eye area and the microstructures penetrate the epidermis delivering Hyaluronic acid into the skin. Often applied overnight you wake up with thicker plumper and more youthful skin .The Skinova Acropass eye patches are available at West London Dermatology Centre the UK first stockist of this exciting home use technology.

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